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30 Days, 30 Ways TCoL Makes an Impact

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Giving Tuesday 2021

TCOL to me...

There comes a time in life when it takes longer and more difficult to stay social and motivated to be a part of everyday life. Things that kept me busy were becoming more of a struggle to do every day and much less interesting. I was becoming a hermit.

What was missing? There was a void that I needed to fill to feel whole again. It took a while to figure out what that was. Finally, a friend pointed out TCOL was a good place to check out. So, check out I did.

So much to choose from! I could improve art skills, exercise with others unlike snappy Sue who could run and lift weights at the nearby gym in her fashionable exercise clothes. Improve my mind and be free to express my thoughts in Book Club. I could sing my heart out with others doing the same thing or dance like no one was watching.

Here it was!!This was a fun place where you can try out any of the classes that moved your spirit. Most classes were designed to teach something new or something just to get that senior body moving.

But for me it was the PEOPLE. Yes, people who I needed most to fill that void inside me. Friends who lifted me up. Who always were supportive and caring. Especially those who could make me laugh. We even laughed at ourselves when things did not go quite as planned, and it did not matter because we were TOGETHER- caring, sharing and enjoying each other.

What is TCOL to me? It is my second home and family.



November 30, 2021 is Giving Tuesday. This is a global day of giving and doing good for not only non-profits but in our everyday lives.

Why limit Giving Tuesday to just one day? Join TCoL this November as we give thanks and share stories of the people that make up the Thompson Center on Lourdes and our mission. Follow along on Facebook, our website, and at the center to see 30 ways in 30 days that TCoL makes an impact on the lives of participants, volunteers, staff, donors, classes, the board, and more.

We encourage you to share your stories with us about how the Thompson Center on Lourdes has impacted your life. If you are able please consider a donation during this month of November. All funds raised will go directly back into the programs being offered.

We encourage you to do something kind for a stranger and give back as you are able.

"Be present in all things, and thankful for all things" ~Maya Angelou